Reading & Writing

Reading & Writing Class


GBE reading classes increases students’ comprehension and understanding of the English language, helps improve upon their vocabulary and their pronunciation of the English language. Meanwhile, it also helps them work together as fellow students and peers.


GBE Grade K-1 Vocabulary and Writing Class helps students improve their understanding of the pronunciation of English. It will further develop their minds to use different words in English. The class also helps them consciously think about how to spell and write in English, which further improves their communication skills in English. Our teacher provides students with writing prompts, makes them actively think about how to word their sentences, and helps them develop sentence structures early on.

GBE writing classes for grade 2 to 6 students emphasize improving students’ summarizing and story-telling abilities. Our teachers make sure that students are understanding what it is that they are reading. Comprehension of stories and events not only helps with English classes, but it also helps in other areas as well. It makes them focus on the story itself and what is going on when they know that they have a summary to write. This also increases their writing and story telling skills. These classes act as an introduction to essay writing in clumping bits of information together.

Schedule Availability: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday Morning

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